We provide a safe and supportive environment for clients to re-examine their relationship with drugs and alcohol, explore options, find help, and make empowering decision to live healthier and happier lives.

Who We Are
The National Council on Alcoholism and other Drug Addictions - Bay Area (NCA-BA), is an independent non-profit serving the San Francisco Bay Area for nearly 60 years. Our purpose has always been to respond to the unmet needs in our community – to help reduce the prevalence and consequences of alcoholism and drug addiction.

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What We Do
NCA-BA offers prevention services, educational classes, counseling, drug testing, treatment options, referrals, and other critical support for those struggling with the impact and consequences of alcoholism and other substance use disorders. We provide programs in San Francisco and serve clients locally and from the 5 surrounding counties.

Who We Are Becoming
Center for Open Recovery - (COR) . Our purpose is evolving. With so many capable direct-service providers able to help people struggling with their addictions, we are moving away from focusing our resources on the “problem” (the disease of addiction) – and instead, are championing “solutions” (long-term recovery). Our new name will signal this shift in our priorities.

What We Plan To Do
COR will continue to be a critical community resource with ambitious new objectives supporting long-term recovery – – essential for healthier lives, healthier families and healthier communities. Through Advocacy, education, collaboration and service we will work together to ensure that long-term recovery from addiction is a shared community value and an honored individual right.

Together we are moving from addiction to recovery and are living the solution.
Check back soon for more information about Center for Open Recovery, ways to get involved and partner.

Be part of the solution. Call us at: 415-296-9900 or email: info@nca-ba.org

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