Our Mission:  Reducing the Prevalence and Consequences of Alcoholism and Other Drug Addiction Diseases through 1. Education 2. Diagnosis and 3. Treatment
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Environmental Prevention (EP) focuses on factors in our physical, social, and political environment that influence a person’s behavior. The four key elements to EP are: Community Norms, Media Messages, Laws, Rules & Policies, and Accessibility and Availability.

The National Council on Alcoholism – Bay Area has partnered with the Tenderloin Boys and Girls Club of San Francisco to develop EP strategies to address the needs of the community. NCA-BA sits on the steering committee of the San Francisco Prevention Coalition, along with other community-based organizations.

The 2012 Environmental Prevention Project (EPP) is a youth-driven, interactive, fair-like event where attendees learn from youth about community norms and access regarding underage drinking. With success of the 2012 EPP, the NCA-BA intends to expand our outreach to the greater San Francisco Bay Area to reduce alcohol and substance use among youth.

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